Scholarship Fund Sponsorship

Would you would like to be a Scholarship Fund Sponsor?  MREC's Scholarship Fund is utilized for couples who do not have the resources to take Marriage Classes or attend Marriage Conferences .  Our scholarships can be funded at $50 per couple.  Simply click the "Add to Cart" button and notate any comments (EX: Sponsor wishes to remain anonymous, or Scholarship funded by Dick and Jane Smith since we only get one payee name on Paypal).  Change quantities in Paypal if you wish to purchase more than one Scholarship.  Please visit our page - "Do Marriage Classes Really Work?", to see how marriage education classes can have a positive impact.

Sponsor Comments

If you would like to Sponsor A COUPLE YOU KNOW to attend one of our Classes or attend one of our Marriage Conferences, simply go to the Class or Conference you are sponsoring them for and complete the registration process putting their names as the attendees.  (Classes/Events)